WR2012 Website Launch

The official launch of the WR2012 Website took place on the 19th of March 2015 in Centurion.

Download FlyerThe purpose of this website is to provide all the data, GIS maps, water resource models, spreadsheets and tools to allow water resource planners and practitioners to investigate, analyse and plan their water resources studies.

The audience included the public sector responsible for writing policy and protocol for environmental health i.e. Dept of Water and Sanitation, Department of Environmental Affairs, etc. and the private sector guided by the policy and applying the protocol i.e. consultants in natural science (ecologists, wetland specialists, soil scientists, etc.), engineers and urban and regional planners, etc.

Photo Gallery

21-Audience-arriving.jpg 22-Audience-arriving.jpg 1-WRC-Eiman-Karar.jpg 4-WRP-Keynote-Ronnie-McKenzie.jpg 26-audience1.jpg 7-RHDHV-Bill-Pitman-3.jpg 8-UKZN-Geoff-Pegram.jpg 10-UKZN-Geoff-Pegram2.jpg 11-projectleader-Allan-Bailey.jpg 24-audience-3.jpg 12-projectleader-Allan-Bailey2.jpg 15-wandile-and-allan.jpg 25-audience-4.jpg 14-DSW-Zacharia-Maswuma-head-of-hydrology.jpg 2-DSW-DDG-Deborah-Mochotlhi.jpg 5-RHDHV-Bill-Pitman-1.jpg 13-dhesigen.jpg 3-DSW-DDG-Deborah-Mochotlhi2.jpg 6-RHDHV-Bill-Pitman-2.jpg 19-WRC-and-DSW1.jpg 27-audience2.jpg 16-presenters.jpg 17-project-teammembers.jpg 18-Reference-group.jpg