Katse DamLesotho
De Hoop Dam on Steelpoort RiverSouth Africa
Ingula Pumped Storage SchemeBramhoek and Bedford dams - South Africa
Augrabies FallsSouth Africa
Sterkfontein and Driekloof damsSouth Africa
Orange RiverSouth Africa
Katse DamLesotho

Welcome to the Water Resources of South Africa, 2012 Study (WR2012)

This website describes the water resources of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. It is the culmination of a number of water resource appraisals that have been carried out over the past four decades.

Its predecessor was called WR2005 and the intention of this website is to provide all the data, information, GIS maps, water resource models, spreadsheets and tools to allow water resource practitioners to investigate, analyse and plan their water resources studies.

This is all available by means of a menu system as in the previous WR2005 DVD. The menus system consists of the following : GIS maps, WRSM2000 (Pitman) rainfall-runoff model, WR2005 database, Reports, Quaternary data spreadsheets, Patched observed streamflow data, Catchment rainfall groups, Catchment based rainfall, Point rainfall, Naturalised streamflow, Water quality, Monitioring, Land/water use, Present day streamflow and Reservoir records.

To access the date online we require a short registration

Registrations process

1: When you register, an email will be sent to Allan Bailey who will put you on the database and assign you a password. He will then email you with your login and password details following which you can use the system.

2. For those using data sets on WMA 11, the Sami groundwater parameters should be updated with those in 8. Appendix A of the groundwater report which is on the website men.


For any enquiries contact:
Allan Bailey of Bailey and Pitman Water Resources (Pty) Ltd
at allankb@netactive.co.za